The story of four Brazilians who had their lives transformed by the 2014 FIFA World Cup and an in-depth look at FIFA, mega-events and their long-term impacts on the host countries.



In 2013, the world watched Brazil - known to many as the country of soccer - take to the streets to protest against the 2014 World Cup. To some, this mega-event was an opportunity; to others, an illusion. This documentary portrays such cycle through the stories of four people from different places and backgrounds: a man who was displaced by the construction works, a FIFA Fan Fest street vendor, a soccer fan, and a young soccer player. The movie also brings up important questions about FIFA and the impacts of mega-events on the host countries.


Feature Documentary

Duration: 81min

Languages: Portuguese, English

Subtitles: English

Completion Date: Oct, 2020

Production Country: Brazil and US

Aspect Ratio: 16x9 / 1:77 

Frame Rate: 23.98






I was born and raised in Brazil and in 2013 the question I heard the most was if I was going to the World Cup. I had no intention of going and kept having to explain why. After answering that same question multiple times, I decided to made a video talking about the situation in Brazil and the social and political issues behind the organization of the event.

Somehow the video went viral that same day and has gotten over 5 million views since then. I spent months speaking to major news vehicles to keep spreading the message – BBC, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 News, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, The Guardian – everyone wanted to understand what was going on in the streets of Brazil during that turbulent time.

I became engaged with the local groups and popular movements, and after this unexpected turn of events I wanted to go further and tell this story the proper way, but now with the perspective that only time can offer.

This film is about and for those who stay after the world leaves. It's a portrait of the country and its people, and a commentary on FIFA, the World Cup, and on a society that is willing to organize and spend billions on mega-events, but that cannot seem to manage our most basic and urgent social needs.

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Carla Dauden

Director and Producer

Carla Dauden was born and raised in Brazil, but today she lives between São Paulo and Los Angeles doing what she loves: capturing stories. She has directed short films and a short documentary, all which were well received by major festivals around the world. In 2014, she was nominated for a Wharton Social Media Leadership Award for her viral video about the human rights violations that happened in the preparations for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In 2016, she co-directed the short documentary "The Discarded," which won for best short at the American Conservation Film Festival. In 2018, she was selected for NALIP’s (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) Latino Lens Incubator, which led her to direct the short film "The Jump." Most recently, she directed the Emmy-nominated campaign “A Whole New World,” created for Disney’s Team of Heroes Children's Hospital initiative.



2012 | “The Wash” – Short film – Best short Award (IUWC).

2013 | “Mr. Polman Wants to Fit In” Short film
SBIFF, Short Shorts Asia, Newport Beach FF, Raindance FF, among others.

2016 | “The Discarded” – Short doc
Official Selection at the SBIFF and winner of best short at the American Conservation FF.
Distributed by Take Part (arm of Participant Media)

2018 | “The Jump” – Short film
Part of NALIP’s Latino Lens Incubator – Distributed by PBS and WORLD Channel. 


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Miguel Angel Herrera

Director of Photography

Miguel is a Colombian producer and director. After experiences in communication companies like Vice and Bandeirantes TV channel, he founded the production company Shuffle Video Design, based in São Paulo and Bogotá. At Shuffle, he edited and directed numerous campaigns and documentaries for important international foundations, institutions and NGOs in several countries like Haiti, Peru, Paraguay and Brazil. He also has vast experience with advertising. In 2015 Miguel received the “Mofilm Mexico Awards” for two films produced for Ford Mexico. He's always personally involved with the stories and people he works with. 

Laura Dauden

Executive Producer

Brazilian journalist and writer. For the past ten years, she has been dedicated to the coverage, reporting and the communication of causes in major newsrooms in Brazil and civil society organizations. She has a degree in Journalism and a master in International Relations and African Studies. In 2011, Laura wrote the first book ever published in Brazil about the conflict in Western Sahara. From 2013 to 2018, she worked as a communication officer in Conectas Human Rights and since 2018 she coordinates communication strategies at IDDD (Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense).

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Carla Dauden
Miguel Angel Herrera
Maurício Saldanha, Carla Dauden
Forward - Images that Move
Carla Dauden, Laura Dauden, Miguel Angel Herrera
João Paulo Brito
Carla Dauden
Marco Materassi
Anelize Ceribelli
Renato Pereira
Luiz Fernando Araújo
YBMusic - Luca Raele e Mauricio Tagliari
YBMusic - Carlos Lima e Diego Techera
Paulo Calia

Ivanildo Teixeira Lopes, Marta Gomes, Matheus Esteves, Daniel Leon, Jamil Chade, Juca Kfouri, Fernanda Gentil, Miguel Poiares Maduro, Alexandre Morgado, and Argemiro Almeida.



Matheus Esteves

Matheus is an eleven-year-old boy from the Turano community in Rio de Janeiro who dreams of being the next big soccer player of Brazil. With the unconditional and affectionate support of his family, Matheus nurtures the illusion of watching a game at Maracanã and meeting his biggest idol, Neymar.

Marta Gomes

Marta is a FIFA Fan Fest street vendor from the outskirts of Fortaleza. In her home, surrounded by neighbors she's known her whole life, she dreams of using the influx of tourists to raise her sales of rice and beans and, with the profits, finally buy herself a car.

Ivanildo Lopes

Ivanildo is a family man who was removed from his home in Fortaleza because of the infrastructure works for the World Cup. The construction of a Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) brought an end to the community he used to live in, and deeply impacted his family and neighbors.

Daniel Leon

Daniel is a soccer enthusiast and leader of the organized fan club of the Brazilian team - the Canarinho Fans. For Daniel, soccer is everything, and not even FIFA can take away his right of loving the sport. Daniel has a travel agency that takes fans to the World Cup games. The coming of the event to Brazil has made him dream about earning a sixth star on his Jersey.







March 19, 2021
Santa Barbara International Film Festival Release


Documentary Digging into the Controversial 2014 World Cup Set to Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The film portrays political and social changes sparked by the FIFA mega-event from the perspective of four people - the hosts.

Los Angeles, March 19, 2021 - Despite the headline-grabbing unrest over it, the World Cup happened. Against the voices that echoed in the streets saying "FIFA Go Home", in 2014 the Brazilian stadiums staged the biggest event of international soccer. Thousands of tourists visited the host-cities and, between illusions and tears, the FIFA World Cup, held by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), passed through Brazil, stirring up dust like a ball rolling through an abandoned soccer field. Today, there's a lot of discussion about the medium-term political effects of the protests and the expenditure associated with the championship. Little is said about how this chapter has affected people who have had their lives touched by it.

This is the backdrop of The Hosts, a feature documentary produced and directed by filmmaker Carla Dauden, which will premiere at the 36th edition of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in the Social Justice category. 

The film was one of the few chosen for this year's selection, which due to the pandemic reduced the number of selected feature films to 55. Other notable names are confirmed for this year's event, including Bill Murray, Sacha Baron Cohen, Carey Mulligan, Zendaya and Amanda Seyfried.

The Hosts was filmed in four cities between 2014 and 2018. One of the protagonists of this story is Marta Gomes, a FIFA Fan Fest street vendor from Fortaleza who, surrounded by her loyal neighbors, dreams about buying her car by selling rice and beans to the tourists. 

Another story captured by the director is the one of Ivanildo Teixeira Lopes, a man who was displaced from his home in Fortaleza due to the construction of a Light Rail Vehicle associated with infra-structure works for the World Cup. The violent change had major impacts on his community and family. 

In a completely different world, we also get to know Daniel Leon, leader of the Canarinho-organized fans in São Paulo. As an unconditional fan of soccer, he organizes events and trips for the fans but feels divided between the passion for the sport and criticism of the organization of the event. The World Cup in Brazil filled him with hopes of wearing an official Brazilian jersey with six stars on the chest. 

Finally, we are transported to Rio de Janeiro, where Matheus Esteves, an 11-year-old boy, shares his dreams and hopes of becoming a famous soccer player. With his family's unconditional and caring support and between games with his young brother, Matheus nurtures the illusion of watching a game at Maracanã and meeting his idol Neymar. 

The stories are all familiar, but at the same time, extraordinary because they bring up existential questions and deep policies that cross, in a way, the lives of many Brazilians. These portraits are mixed with testimonials of specialists who help contextualize the bigger debate about FIFA's aggressive interference in the host countries. The featured interviewees include journalists Andrew Jennings, Fernanda Gentil, Juca Kfouri, and Jamil Chade, as well as the former chairman of FIFA's governance committee Miguel Poiares Maduro and the activist Argemiro Almeida.

Carla Dauden became known around the world for a video posted on YouTube in 2013 in which she criticized the World Cup in Brazil. The video, titled No, I’m Not Going to the World Cup, picked up over 4.5M views and was shared by more than 100 news platforms, including BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 News, CNN and many others. It shed a light on the problems the country was facing and the human rights violations that took place during the preparation for the event. 

"The unexpected response to the video brought me closer to groups that were already working to minimize and expose the negative impacts of FIFA on the host countries. I learned a lot from them and was incited to tell this story from points of view that were different from mine," says Dauden. "To me, more than a creative process, this was a personal journey of political growth and maturing. A journey to find my role in the potential documentation of this historical moment in my country, and that undoubtedly connects us to the political and social tragedy we live today," she adds.

"Soon, we will watch the World Cup in Qatar and, in some way, we will close this cycle that began in South Africa. This was a time in which FIFA's impact on people's lives was under bigger scrutiny, beyond the corruption scandals. The Hosts proposes to add pieces to the bigger picture with the stories and people that translate the better part of who we are and who we were as hosts."

The Hosts was produced by Forward - Images that move, a production company with headquarters in São Paulo and Bogota. It was filmed by Miguel Angel Herrera and the original score was done by YBMusic (Luca Raele, Maurício Tagliari, with the production of Paulo Calia). 

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will take place between March 31 and August 10th, with a hybrid format of online and drive-in screenings. For more information about the film, go to:



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